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Climbing tower for cats

Climbing tower for cats

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The cat climbing tower is an all-in-one piece of furniture that meets cats' needs such as playing, resting and relaxing. It includes a litter box bowl, a cat hammock, viewing platforms, a sisal column, velvet ball trunks, creating a dream climbing tower for cats that will immediately delight.

Hidden litter box: At the bottom of the climbing tower there is a litter box bowl with two breathable slatted doors, which provide the cat more privacy and keep the room tidy. The interior is 63 x 47 x 38 cm. You can also use the litter box bowl to store cat needs.

Multiple resting places: Is the cat tired of playing? This climbing tower has several resting places - spacious platforms with velvet cushions and a cute cat hammock. There is also an additional square litter box bowl. With two round holes (diameter: 18 cm), the cat can climb in and out freely.

Suitable for cats: The product uses sisal columns of different heights to form climbing towers for the cat. The sisal rope is strong enough to sharpen claws. The velvety balls are used so that the cat can scratch and hunt. The velvet ball trunks are removable for easy cat interaction.

Durable Materials: Our cat climbing tower is made of high quality chipboard, the structure is stable and the four adjustable feet at the bottom increase stability and protect your floor from scratches, so you can rest assured that your lively cat can enjoy climbing and jumping.


Name: Cat Furniture

Color: Rustic Brown

Material: chipboard, iron, plush, sisal rope

Size: 70x48x132cm

Weight: 21.4kg

Max. static load capacity of the top of the cat hammock: 40 kg Max.

Static load capacity of the sisal column: 15 kg Max.

Static load capacity of the platforms: 40 kg

Box contents: 1 x cat climbing tower, 1 x user manual, screws, dowels


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