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Cat paradise with scratching post and litter box

Cat paradise with scratching post and litter box

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Description: This scratching post is a dream for every cat! With its multi-story structure, it is ideal for climbing. The sisal ropes are robust and are perfect for sharpening claws. The three plush balls and removable scratching sticks allow your cat to exercise and scratch.

In addition, the cat paradise offers more privacy for your velvet paw. In the lower area there is a spacious litter box cabinet with internal dimensions of 56 x 46.5 x 38 cm in which the litter box can be hidden. The curved entrance door is interchangeable left and right, giving you multiple options.

After climbing and playing, your cat will surely want to rest. The multifunctional cat paradise offers several comfortable resting places, such as platforms with soft cushions, a cat hammock and an additional square litter box. It's perfect for multiple cats.

The material is skin-friendly: Our cat apartment is made of high-quality chipboard material and has a solid construction. Your active and lively cat can run around and climb freely here. The bottom litter box features magnetic doors for easy opening and closing, showing how much we think about your cat's well-being.

This scratching post is also a real feast for the eyes in your home. The greige color, fine wood texture, soft cushions and delicate cat hammock give it subtle luxury. The V-shaped door frame of the lower cat house and the curved entrance door are decorated with geometric elements, combining dignity, fashion and artistic style.


  • Multi-story scratching post with integrated litter box
  • Robust sisal ropes for sharpening claws
  • Three plush balls for scratching and playing
  • Spacious litter box cabinet with magnetic doors
  • Several comfortable resting places such as platforms with soft cushions, a cat hammock and an additional square litter box
  • Curved entrance door interchangeable on the left and right
  • High quality chipboard material and solid construction
  • Greige color and fine wood texture for subtle luxury
  • V-shaped door frame and curved entrance door decorated with geometric elements
  • Perfect for multiple cats
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Thinks about your cat's well-being
  • A real feast for the eyes for your home.


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